Why the Success of Your Site Depends on Great Training

So your new website is ready to go

✔ Copious amounts of planning and analysis

✔ Copy for site prepared

✔ New site design created and approved

✔ Custom site templates coded, WordPress integrated, all technical features enabled

✔ Tested and ready for prime time

The next step? Training.

Great training is an important part of any new web project. The last thing you want to do is put your brand new site – an important investment for your organization – in the hands of an untrained staff member. (Trust me, no one wants to see Cookie font in flamingo pink announcing your new product).

As we’ve talked about in other posts about WordPress, it’s quite simply the best CMS we’ve encountered and we build into our code little features that make things work like you expect them to. But that said, it takes some training and reinforcement.

Our projects include an on-site training session at your premises. (In the event of a truly long distance relationship this may be a web training experience).

Here’s why great training is so important

  • When the web editors in your firm understand the site, it’s custom features and how WordPress works, they will contribute to the site more often
  • Well trained editors use more of the great features that have been customized for the site including more blog posts, the addition of  eye-catching images, magazine-like blockquotes, the addition of video, etc.
  • It reinforces consistency. It is so important that the high standards of the site at launch are maintained. And the good news is, it’s not difficult.

Will I be able to do this? Relax! It’s WordPress.

Being responsible for the much anticipated new website often comes with a little anxiety. “Will I be able to do this?” is a common question we get asked. And we proceed to walk our clients through the WordPress environment and the unique features of their site. We make it fun because we know that when you’re relaxed you learn and retain.

Our commitment to training includes a printed manual – customized for each site we build (because each site we build is unique to each client’s needs). So if you can’t quite remember something from our session, fear not – it’s in the book.

There’s nothing better than getting an email a week or two later that says “this is SUCH a great experience. I get this! Our site is amazing.”

Kelly Patchet

Kelly is a co-founder of GK Media and has been a web content expert and website strategist since 1997.