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Why the Success of Your Site Depends on Great Training

Great training is an important part of any new web project. The last thing you want to do is put your brand new site – an important investment for your organization – in the hands of an untrained staff member. (Trust me, no one wants to see Cookie font in flamingo pink announcing your new product).

As we’ve talked about in other posts about WordPress, it’s quite simply the best CMS we’ve encountered and we build into our code little features that make things work like you expect them to. But that said, it takes some training and reinforcement.

Why Good Hosting is a Safe Home For Your Site

Image of a bunch of nodes connected with one node lit up

When it comes to hosting our clients’ sites, the buck stops with us.

Many web designers and developers choose not to host their clients’ sites and require you to choose your own host relegating you to various virtual apartment buildings called “shared hosting”. Shared servers are to hosting as rogue space heaters or industrial strength hairdryers are to old apartment buildings – one bad appliance makes for a dark night for all.