What We've Written About Video

Can your marketing make me cry? WestJet Video is a Slam Dunk

Okay, I’m not going to lie: WestJet’s Christmas themed video made me a bit teary. This is my pick for brand-building video-of-the-year. And here’s why: It is a story brilliantly told and executed It taps into the sentiment of the season It never tries to sell anything but at the same time subtly reminds us… Read more »

5 Clear Cut Reasons to Budget for Video This Year

If you’re wondering if video is important for your site, if it would enhance your content and help build an audience, the answer is YES.

“But hold on,” you say. “You don’t even know me or my business.”

And you’re right but my answer remains a firm, enthusiastic YES! I can’t conceive of a business or other organization that would not benefit from video.

So let’s make the case right here and now!