What We've Written About SEO

How we fixed our referral spam problem

It started with me saying “Hey look at all the traffic we’re getting!” Great, right? Who doesn’t want more traffic to their site? Except it was on a domain that I had taken offline a couple of months ago so there was no way someone could actually visit the site. Mystified, I took a closer… Read more »

An Introduction to SEO and What You Need to Know

Anyone charged with the responsibility of a website today is likely familiar with SEO or search engine optimization. Or more likely, you’ve heard of it and you know it’s important that someone on your team understands it.

For newbies to SEO here’s what all the fuss is about

Behind the list of results Google suggests in response to your keyword or phrase, is a complicated algorithm (actually algorithms, plural) that assess each possible website across a dizzying array of parameters for the query at hand. The main algorithm and bolt-on algorithms are being tweaked and modified regularly to keep black-hat SEO’s from gaming the results and to take into account changes in how content is judged to be relevant.