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Going Mobile – How Responsive Design Solves the Device Dilemma

A quick look at any of our clients’ analytics will reveal an undeniable trend, year over year more people are visiting their sites on mobile devices. In the last few years, there’s been a tremendous amount of discussion about how to ensure your site works well across all kinds of devices and screens.

If you’ve been wondering if you need to invest in the development of an app to make sure your site seen on mobile devices – there’s good news on the web front. It’s a one-stop solution for browsers big and small and it’s called Responsive Design.

Web Design & Development: Why Simple is Hard Work

Sketching out the framework for a new site

Have you ever watched a figure skater all of sudden pull a triple axle out of thin air? One minute he’s gliding across the ice and next thing you know he’s twirled, almost clearing the boards and swoosh, down to the ice again. It all looks so effortless that in the back of your mind you think with a little practice, you too could pull off at least a double.

Of course the reality behind that super-human moment are thousands of hours of ice time and as many bruises along the way. But whatever the sport, it’s that moment where something is rendered almost simple that is the culmination of all your efforts.

And simple is precisely the user experience we seek to offer when visitors arrive at your website. As Steve Krug famously wrote about in his book, Don’t Make Me Think, a great website should allow users to accomplish their goal as easily as possible. The zen feeling of a well designed site belies the hard work that led to this moment.